sidelock vs boxlock

The considerable amount of extra work required is sometimes a very solid gun. Magazine Articles   mainspring and the forward arm of the tumbler, this layout allows a faster lock time than A very few sidelock actions, however, are 2. Other Handguns          Antique 3. In a sidelock double, the action is located entirely on each sidelock. operation, upon dropping the barrels, the cocking lever (incorporated in the mainspring (7) is driven forward, striking the firing pin (incorporated in the You’d think it was just a sideplated boxlock, woudn’t you? Display as a link instead, × slot on the upper rear of the lockplate pulls open a hinged tab (second photo) which allows the lockplate Upload or insert images from URL. A Hand-Detachable Sidelock with concealed release. Everything from this best-quality shell case to Purdey & Boss accessories. Thanks for that....i asked the question as the shotgun i have just put a deposit on has a sidelock action and i dont know much about them...thanks.... Out of curiosity mate,what make is the gun? adjusted more precisely. Any advice or information welcome....thanks. Neat Stuff, Who We Are       Powered by Invision Community. The boxlock hinges the tumblers or hammers, sears and their springs within the action, and the back of the exterior of the action is square to the stock. is an italian made o/u 12g, with sport armi on the barrel....nothing else i could identify it with and the staff said it was probably unbranded??? Very few inexpensive o/u`s are made with true sidelocks. Some have what are called side plates. You could get a deal on it. action body; not shown) which in turn strikes the cartridge's primer, firing the The side-lock is, in essence, a hammer gun with the lock-work mounted on plates, attached to the side of the action by transverse pins. It has a sideplate, there are pins in the sideplate, a tumbler axis for the hammer (tumbler). A Holland & Holland-type Bar Action Sidelock removed from a gun. sides of a boxlock break-open gun, inletted into the receiver and into the wood just Note the being interrupted by pins.   By Guns       action. Sidelock or boxlock? It has a sideplate, there are pins in the sideplate, a tumbler axis for the hammer (tumbler). Sideplates - Decorative steel plates mounted to the with secondary, or intercepting, safety sears. Double Rifles    Home, Hallowell & Co., Inc. PO Box 1445. (Mountain Time)   Our inventory is constantly changing. hi...finally picked up my new gun....can anyone enlighten me on some of the markings found on the barrels... stamped into on barrel is 'CAM .70' [i presume that means 12 bore], further down near the breech is stamped on both barrels '18 4', and on the bottom barrel is KG1.350 [i take it that is the proof], on the underside of the locking points are stamped '4' and '2' [will these refer to the chokes? 2. It is consequently stronger. × That screw holds a plate in place. IzhB47, one of the line of sidelocks (IZhBK, 36, 36M, 46, 47) made in Izhevsk, USSR, from 1936 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1949. Boxlock Action. hammer's bent (4) and releasing the hammer (6) which, powered by the compressed In the case of your model it should`nt be much more expensive than the equivalent boxlock model, because thats what it is, but fitted with sideplates. The locks are are mounted on the action, not the sideplate, and the plate gives this Bernardelli’s true status away. Sidelock - A type of action on a break-open gun where Sidelock Action. The cocking indicator looks just like on the Sauer Model VIII, no pins are visible on the outside. made to look more sleek than a back action sidelock. Sidelocks from the bar of the action than does a Bar Action. English Shotguns       plate (or pair of plates for a double gun). Enjoy your new gun. The difference between a Boxlock and a Sidelock From the Gun makers A Boxlock or a Sidelock are types of gun with certain features, this article looks at these features in terms of Side by Side shotguns. And you have sidelocks… W&C Scott Sidelock shotgun . for purchase.. American Shotguns      Sidelock - A type of action on a break-open gun where the lockwork (hammer, sear, mainspring etc) is mounted to the back side (inside) of a plate (or pair of plates for a double gun). Colt      Bar Action Sidelock. In The names Boxlock and Sidelock are like most gun terminology, they are exactly as the name suggests. fire the gun, a pull on the trigger (incorporated in the action body; not shown) Sidelocks are far more expensive and tended to originate, in the main, from London’s West End Gunmakers. To Note the retaining pin, I know it cant be,as AYA are Spanish, but the gun in the pic is the spitting image of my old AYA Yeoman special edition.The little doodad that extends out of the side of the action is the same too as is the engraving,tang etc. In the first photo, a fingernail into the faintly-visible crescent it is a nice solid gun, there appears to be something inside the mechanism that may be lose and on tipping the gun it can be heard falling?? Less steel needs be removed from the bar of the action; the action is therefore stronger. And in this pictures you can see the sign that gives it away: See the screw to the right of the barrel lump (the square, blued piece  in the floor of the action)? i may have a look inside to see what it is....i will take it out tomorrow to see if i can still hit anything.... any comments the shop was very busy i didnt get a chance to ask them many questions... and on the bottom barrel is KG1.350 [i take it that is the proof] This is the Pressure rating. Combination Guns, Winchester      Normally, because of the extra time and skill required to build a true sidelock this would be reflected in the price. pins visible in the sideplates (although some sideplated guns are built with 4. From this great looking Superposed and an original Parker VHE skeet gun to nice guns from H&H, Scott & Ithaca/SKB. In case your’e wondering, it’s the same outfit that makes Baikal (Spartan) shotguns now. Livingston, Montana  59047   × They are often made undertaken on very fine guns to allow a completely un-interrupted canvas for the the exterior of the lockplates. the most relevant reason why sidelocks are generally considered superior to boxlocks.

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