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Please consider supporting our mission to cover critical issues in the Pacific Northwest from the street level. At one time, they had more than 250,000 people watching on Facebook, and on June 1, they racked up 1.1 million views. “I want to try and utilize that position of power that we have not earned. With the help of equipment from a currently out-of-work media company, the couple has created a new multi-camera setup for the weekend. Seattle's indie-minded newspaper has been livestreaming hour-long videos on Instagram from different perspectives for the last couple of days. All rights reserved. “It’s been rough,” she said. People like Harrington and the Frosts seemingly had no choice but to broadcast. Police officers came out carrying out boxes and driving off. The first couple of days, Harrington said, he wanted to keep the livestream on “for everything.”, “It was so new to my eyes,” he said. Can Washington's New To-Go Cocktail Law Save Seattle's Bars? 10/08/2020 Photography by What happened was a certain, purposeful calm. fieldcharge is NOT associated with the protesters, the police, nor the violent or the pacified. “It kind of happened, and now I feel more of a responsibility,” she said. Elizabeth Rudge Their viewers went from 11 to 18,000 in no time. Our stress levels have gone down tremendously since the police have left. Edited by In the middle of a worldwide pandemic, many people are still staying home to avoid exposure to the new coronavirus. “I’ve never had money, never thought I could effect change. By fieldcharge is an independent observer local to Capitol Hill who has been covering the Seattle protests since June 3rd. SPN curates field reporters, live streamers, and others for its reports.Want to help? Still, he added, what they’re enduring in their home is nothing compared with the tear gas and rubber bullets people endured on the streets. Friday night they debut their four-camera setup on Facebook. Elizabeth Rudge, 10/05/2020 Edited by “Even with our anxiety,” he said, “we try to recognize that privilege.”, The livestreamers have had some ominous experiences. “A lot of people looking at the feed see it as a way to keep an eye on the police,” he said. We are ALL people. The Seattle protests have been seen over Facebook, Instagram and Twitch by a worldwide audience. The 11th and Pine location, between Cal Anderson Park and the SPD's East Precinct, has been the site of large gatherings for several days in a row. Allecia Vermillion and Seattle Met Staff “This has never happened before. The place had huge windows and wonderful light and plenty of space for Brandon’s work as an audio engineer and Jessica’s art. 8.6.2020-8.7.2020 Overnight Stream | 5 views | 2 months ago5 views | 2 months ago

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