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hide. There has been the infamous Travis Scott rodeo merch which included items such as shirts, caps and the highly liked rodeo jacket which was a bomber jacket with the initials of the album “Rodeo” embroidered on the backside with the picture of a cactus printed. These shirts both belonging to the album Astroworld and Rodeo can be purchased through this website where according to every piece of Travis Scott merchandise there is a size chart available alongside the available colors from which one can select the accurate range of measurements that would best suit them. Astroworld Hoodie, however, went on to have many other variants under the banner of Astroworld Festival which had different more aesthetic designs incorporated with text on the back or the front. Legit ones are more weaved vs one straight piece of fabric. These hoodies or even the entire Travis Scott merchandise will not look bad on you even if go for a size larger than your actual one. This not only affected Scott but many others who shared similar memories with that place. report. Fakes on the other hand use more of a cotton looking drawstring that have no knot on the end and the string seems to be a bit thicker than normal aswell. In saying that, the one I got is arguably better quality than the original. I just won this raffle. DISCLAIMER: I don't care if you wear reps, I have worn many in the past. For the collar stitching flaw, I have mentioned this in many legit check posts before. fake bro. Buy AstroWorld Hoodie at Astro World Merch Store Wearing a hoodie can have a lot of advantages for your style and it can look mature and put together. Another edition of the festival series represents his hometown, Houston where on the backside of it the tour dates for that year with there locations are mentioned with a message of “I Was Here” and “I Went To Astroworld”. The blank hoodies the reps have used are more of a towelling "french terry" look and feel to them. share. 4 comments. Can anyone tell me if this hoodie is authentic or fake? Copped off of Poshmark and I’m a bit skeptical about the inside tag not stating “Made in Pakistan” and also the text being a different material. One being the S in ASTROWORLD being too small compared to the other letters. Thanks for these pics! The drawstrings on replicas also seem far too long compared to retail. Since I have had plenty of experience with seeing reps in hand, i have noticed alot of differences that may not be noticeable at first, but once you see it, it sticks out like a sore thumb. In order to spot a fake Bape Shark/Tiger Hoodie, you’ll need to look out for inconsistencies on the … The Travis Scott Astroworld Hoodie came under different names mostly named after Scott’s songs which were inspired by his hometown; Houston. The S doesn't look too small but the drawstrings are different than the image of the same … What up repfam. The second flaw is the tagging. The only tee i have seen from trav without the double stitching is the the JACKBOYS hot wheels tee. Okay so theres two different types of replicas for the hoodies. All you need to do is to find the right hoodie that can bring these advantages, and you are home free! Copped off of Poshmark and I’m a bit skeptical about the inside tag not stating “Made in Pakistan” and also the text being a different material. They also come with knots at the bottom of the drawstrings straight out of the factory. The top tier replica of this hoodie does not have this flaw but the lower tiers do. Starting from the first edition where simple text embroidery was used in various colors giving out a notion of completeness and joy surrounding the Astroworld that Travis had experienced in his childhood. This isn’t the first time that Travis Scott has launched a series of merchandise based on one of his albums. The post has no pictures of the tag Thanks for your help! Thanks guys. Fakes on these have the thick drawstrings like retail however they are not folded and stitched at the bottom, they have just a cut off string look. however there are variations like the astroworld hoodie at the gov ball 2018 show where the wish you were here on the back is in red with gov ball 2018 underneath. Travis Scott raised in Houston envisioning the revival of his childhood favorite place to go, a theme park in Houston; Astroworld. The backside of the Hoodie finishes with a simple text in white saying “Wish You Were Here” implying how important and close to him was is Astroworld. Whether you’re trying to legit-check a hoodie, shirt, or hat, the piece’s stitching will almost always reveal its authenticity. The embroidery looks really thick but I'm not super good at LC'ing. I hope this helps! share. Fake ones are quite far away from the top of the collar and much brighter in colour, however the font is correct. tags too vibrant and size font is weird. We get a lot of questions from newbies about where to start looking It's legit, it's actually made in Pakistan. The material used for these hoodies is highly comfortable and adjustable. Scott’s style in music is accepted and appreciated not only by his fans but by other artists as well and has established his name as a hip hop/pop icon, Scott’s influence, and the Houston vibe is not only seen is his music but in is merchandise as well. Best Astroworld's Travis scott Hoodies for Best pricing, Look Mom I Can Fly Embroidered Hoodie Astroworld (Best Quality), Embroidered AstroWorld Hoodie (High Quality), ASTROWORLD You Are Here To Stick To Graffiti Hoodie, Astroworld Festival Hoodie (Best Selling), ASTROWORLD 2019 TOUR HOODIE(LIMITED EDITION). It actually looks like the T in your hoodie is a little pointier and also the eyes on the O are a little less round as well. getting as many people to see it as possible would be really helpful! Copyright © 2020 Astro CollectionNote that this site is not affiliated with Travis Scott but satisfies high quality first copy standards. Posted by 4 days ago. Again if you have any questions about other types of merch or the authenticity of a piece, shoot me a pm or if you see a post, tag me in it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. see full image. The most iconic of them all which is also available at our store is the Skull and skeleton edition holds a different meaning and perspective according to the perceptions of the fans. Today, we are here to tell you how to legit check any fake vs real Anti Social Social Club item that contains their “ASSC” logo prints in just three simple steps. This has a lot of different color schemes involved with where there is a color spiral design and a full yellow Hoodie which has the iconic message of wish you were here. Convenient size charts are available on our website according to each particular Hoodie or streetwear to choose from. 14. Thats it for the tees. Most of travis's merch hoodies are printed on gildan. Yea it was more the image of the globe but i could be overthinking it. please reply asap bc i needa pay soon. Mine may actually be a replica, but is it possible for the hoodies to be different from person to person? Could you not buy the Astroworld website hoddies from his concerts merch too? Rep makers have attempted to fix this and it seems like there are still some variations with their quality control. For the collar stitching flaw, I have mentioned this in many legit check posts before. and i want to know if these are real. Step 2: Fake vs real Supreme Bandana lettering As for the second step of the guide on how to spot fake Supreme Bandana Box Logo items, we are going to check the fake vs real Supreme Bandana items for the lettering on the actual box logo. In addition to this another Astroworld Hoodie with the name, Astroworld Scattered Hoodie is in this collection where the alphabets of the word Astroworld are embroidered with the face of a smiling Earth This Astroworld Hoodie comes in all sizes which are shown in our size preferences and at our store these vintage hoodies are available. Above, we have placed an example of an authentic Supreme Box Logo hoodie which says “90% COTTON / “10% POLYESTER”.

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